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A True National Icon

Transnasional, a Malaysian icon and the leader of the express bus industry, is one of the most prominent and popular household brand names in Southeast Asia region, serving more than 200 destinations, covering all major cities and towns with 1,000 daily departures across Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Using the latest advancement in bus technologies, design and comfort, Transnasional provides safe, enjoyable and affordable travel.

Quality For Your Comfort

Comfortable Seating

Do you have long legs? Do you like to keep strangers at arm’s length (at least)? Are you swamped by your kids’ belongings? We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you travel in comfort. We’ve reduced the number of seats on our buses, so you can travel with even greater comfort with us in future.

Individual AirCond

Our personalised seat comfort allows you to control the direction and strength of the roof mounted air-condition units available above each seat. Control your own comfort as we strive to make your journey as pleasurable and convenient as possible.

USB Charge Ports

Gadget life can go on as your begin your journey with us. Each seat is equipped with a USB port so that you may rest assured that your devices make it through the journey on full charge since we know that nothing is more annoying than a drained battery in the middle of your favorite movie or game!

Reading Lights

Individual Reading lights make sure that you can keep yourself engaged without disturbing your fellow passengers, or them disturbing you! Our LED lights make sure that you can stay on the job when the rest are resting!

With the most Modern, Comfortable and Safe fleet in the country, rest assured that your journey with us will be smooth and timely!

Your Safety is our Priority

24 Hour GPS Monitoring

While you are travelling onboard towards your destination, our dedicated control team are monitoring and supervising all activities on the road so that you can relax and enjoy your trip. With Transnasional – you are in Safe Hands!

Speeding Buzzer

Our drivers are notified by the speeding buzzer when they are driving above the speed limit. Your safety is our priority and our drivers are monitored and assisted by our onboard technology that allows you to reach your destination safely!

Individual Seatbelts

Each of our seats is equipped with a safety belt, making certain that you are protected in the case of emergency. With a safety system of the highest quality we make sure that each of our passengers are safe when making their journey with Transnasional.

Routine Checkup

Our buses are periodically and diligently sent for routine checkups to prevent any mishaps while on the road. Our experience and over 30 years in the business, ensures that you are travelling in vehicles that have been inspected, maintained and well kept for maximum comfort and safety!

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